Animated Adventures Teaser #2

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Here it is, Teaser #2 for the reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures! In this clip, Eban and Sj try out the new Video studio at RfL Headquarters. But, When Eban and SJ are involved, nothing ever seems to go smooth.

Download the episode by clicking below, or watch in the viewer.


Teaser #2 Download

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Contrary to popular opinion, Eban is not teh person that put teh hit out on Kermit teh Frog, and is in fact happy he survived teh attempt. Miss Piggy? That is a whole different story. . . Email ME Subscribe to the RfL feed

3 Responses

  1. wow, great work so far. I love the dancing SJ. Keep up the awesome video pod shows. The teasers are great and cannot wait for the rest.


  2. T-mob-Tony

    Man, you do it all here. I wish I could have found thisd earlier. That wasa crazy dance. I want to backflip like thet!

  3. T-mob-Tony

    I just went to your other site and saw the anime stuff. YES! Please do a Japan only show. How come you don’t do your animation like anime. I am not complaining, I just thoght that since you like anime, you would want to do your show like that.

    I like the 3d stuff as well. It is funny too.

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