Behind the Curtain #9 Weekend fun and Drinks

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Here is the latest RfL Behind the Curtain. This one is about weekend fun and some drinks. enjoy!

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3 Responses

  1. that raspberry martini looked delicious! I love raspberries! and mixed with alcohol! double yummmm!

  2. T-mob-Tony

    Ha, those drinks are bad for you, I should now, I drink a lot, he he. The security thing was 1999, so I guess I got to party like it is 1999, with drinks that are bad fo me, he he he. I am happy I found this sight.

  3. Yeah Angel, Faith was loving that drink!

    And yeah, T-mob-tony, or Tony, or T-mob, they are bad for us, but are so much fun and tasty.

    Thanks again for finding the site and being a fan! And always party like it is 1999! Only make sure you are in the current year 😉

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