Is Robert Scoble a Modern Day Slave Trader for Plaxo?

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I contend that it is a modern form of slave trading. I know, it sounds weird, but Scoble effectively claimed ownership over the virtual identity of 5000 people. Ownership!

Here is my case for the above. Sorry about the quality, I did not have my good camera setup so I used an old mic and my webcam.

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  1. T-mob-Tony

    HaHa, who is Scoble? That was funny. He is your name for toilet paper.

  2. Scoble is a professional blogger and cheer leader for whatever tech company he works for, for that minute at least. He has worked for Microsoft, Podtech, and several others, and is now at Fast Company.

    He tries to pass himself off as a great guy. A man of the people. But he has a dark side and I don’t trust him, or like him, one bit.

    The video is referencing when, for the company Plaxo, he put an illegal script on his facebook site and mined all of the personal information of the 5000 people he has as friends there. He gave the info to Plaxo, and then was kicked off of Facebook for around 24 hours before he was let back in.

    The video should explain the rest. I also did a post at the blog, , which explains a bit more.

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