My Experiment of less connectivity has gone well

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Here is the result of my experiment with cutting back on connectivity! I have cut back to just phone and texting on my mobile. Cable TV? Out! I watch Hulu, Joost,, Netflix on demand, Veoh, Current and more online by connecting an old computer to our TV. Socnets? Usage way down. And guess what, I miss nothing and the internet, and social networks, are fun again.

Try it for yourself!


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  1. Yeah! I am so in love with this concept!

  2. We just signed back up for Netflix as part of a project to get rid of cable TV. As for social networks, as it turns out today is International Delete Your Myspace Day and I’m participating. Still undecided on the fate of Twitter. Mostly I ignore invitations to the Next Big Thing now. If I need something, I let the need drive me to find the tool. Web 2.0 is too much about letting the tool generate the perception of the need. Feh.

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