Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #349 Zombies for Fiz!

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This is a spooky show today! It is full of Zombies. We are dedicting todays's episode to the lady that inspired it. Indie filmaker, actress, model, theater producer, zombie lover, and all around kick ass gal, Efisia!

In addition to all that zombie and monster inspired music today, we also bring an old favorite sement back from the dead, much like a zombie. And then, we hand out an award that also refuses to die. Fun stuff ahead!

So, if that does not sound like fun, how about talking about a dead guy that many say is still alive? It is his birthday, along with another famous dude that at one time shared his name with a monkey! Go figure.

Enjoy the Show!!!

Music on the show

Calabrese–Zombie I

The Quintessentials–Zombie Girl

Never So True–Zombie Movie

Midnight Peacocks–Zombie Town

The Mansfields–Who Want's to be a Zombie Anyways?

Electric Frankenstein–Coolest Little Monster

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Mexican kid hat gets into a sticky situation trying to get out of school

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