Reaching for Lucidity Quickjabs #33

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We still are in a holding pattern for RfL 2.0 #350 as SJ is still down. I talk a bit about that in this Quickjabs today.

The music is exceptional on the show today. We have The Soupbone Throne laying down some great groove driven rock for us. We will play Sera Says and Square with the House. Great Band!

Also, go to Reaching for Lucidity Another View and check out the post Dakishimetai. I have plans for yet another RfL show there, and a couple of videos for you to check out.


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2 Responses

  1. T-mob-Tony

    i am new to this show, but it is awesome! I can’t wait to check out all the shows. I need to hear a 2.0(is that what they are called?)

    This band us awesome!

  2. Thanks! You have been all over this morning. I saw your comment earlier at the Blog but did not realize you hit alls these posts. I appreciate it.

    Now to check out the rest of your comments, lol.

    Oh, how I love hearing from the fans!

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