Reaching for Lucidity Quickjabs Juggernaut #34 Exsecratus!

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Not a whole lot of banter here as I want to get to the music quick in this episode. This show is gonna kick ass!

I do want to remind you that on Wednesday, Jan 30th, SJ should be back and we are dropping episode #350 of Reaching for Lucidity 2.0, so don't miss that.

On the show today, we have some great symphonic metal for you. Some similarities to Nightwish and other symphonic metal bands, but these guys, and gal put their own unique stamp on their sound. I love this band!

The band is Exsecratus! We are doing a mini suite today insted of a couple of songs. We are playing Path to Bliss, Suicide, Once, Final Assault-the Beginning, and Fallen.


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