Scoble kicked out of Facebook. Boo hoo or Ha Ha?

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Edit:New info has come to light since I wrote this. Check at the end of post. Now, to the post.

I am getting sick, at least a bit at the cult of the rockstar, or celebrity, that has grown in social media. Number one on that list is Robert Scoble. Not that I have anything personally against Scoble, he seems like a nice guy. Never met him in person. As a matter of fact, I am not even sure if Scoble has a lot to do with the status he seems to have achieved. It is sort of fanboy in a way.

So, depending on your frame of reference, one of two questions has probably popped up in your head by now.

1.What the hell are you talking about? You are a New Media producer and are always trying to get more viewers, listeners, and readers to your media.


2.Who the hell is Scoble?

If you asked the first question, you are probably part of this little incestuous circle that has been created in New Media, Social Media, or whatever you want to call it. You probably think Scoble, and all the other so called “Rockstars” are actually celebrities.

Guess what sunshine, as much as I would like it to be that way, it is not. Justin Kownacki, the spoiler of egos at times, and new media producer and realist, describes what I am talking about best in this post.

People are lining up on one side or the other on Robert Scoble’s tossing from Facebook. I say get a life. Scoble broke the rules, simple as that. Now, you could argue that Facebook is anal about their rules, but still, everyone of us that has a presence on Facebook’s site agreed to the TOS. So get over it.

So many seem to think that because Scoble is a social net celebrity , Facebook should not have booted him. First, even if Scoble were a celebrity, he should get no extra perks. But the fact is, he is just a tech geek like the rest of us. He is a big name in our circle, but as Kownacki stated in the post I linked to above, “If the Sandwich Artist at your local Subway doesn’t know who “___” is, that person is not a rockstar.” Only if that Subway is in Half Moon Bay, or somewhere in the SF Bay Peninsula, may Scoble have a shot.

That last statement leads us to question two. Who is Scoble?

If you asked this, you are in the majority, and you are the person we in new media should be trying to reach. We should be creating content to get your eyes and ears and stop this circle jerk of personality.

Scoble got booted from Facebook. He broke the rules. He is a maverick. So what?

Chris Brogan, a guy I have a lot of respect for, takes it a step further. Chris has this post, asking whether this is the beginning of the “Data Wars”.


Screw the data wars, that is inner circle thinking. It is safe. It keeps up the facade that what we do has more importance than it actually does.

I mean, get another podcast out, put another great video on the net, write a blog post that reaches out instead of in. If social networking sites are part of your strategy for getting your work seen, don’t break their rules and get kicked out.

Let’s stop talking to each other and start talking to those that we need to reach. Do you think we as quality producers of new, or social, or whatever, media are where we need to be? I have two words for you. Chris Crocker. Until we in this world start getting his numbers, I say we need to stop worrying about Scoble, or the Data Wars, or being a rockstar.

We produce quality content all the time, and that punk Crocker meets Kownacki’s definition of a Rockstar.

Not us.

But we worry about Scoble, Facebook, and the data wars?

See a disconnect?

We have a set of tools in the Web 2.0 world. (sorry, had to use the term once) We need to use those tools to reach out, that is my biggest point. So many in the social net fishbowl have started to use the tools as an end instead of a means. This is where the whole rockstar, or celebrity thing starts.

Out people, not in. Say it a few times. Breath in, Breath out.

As for Scoble, he will be fine. Hell, he may even get back on Facebook. Even if he does, the sandwich artist at Subway still won’t know who the hell he is. Hell, does Chris Crocker know who Scoble is?

I want that sandwich artist to know us all one day.

Edit: Check out Loren Feldman’s take here. New info is out and it looks like Robert is not so clean after all. Scoble is my new word for toilet paper.

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  1. Chris Brogan

    The point of my post AROUND the topical post is that our data, what we choose to say about ourselves, our media that we’re creating, is sometimes not ours. Some of what we’ve done has put our information legally in the hands of other people, to do with as they wish.

    I’m going to bet that LOTS of people don’t know that, or don’t know what that means to some of what they’re doing on social networks.

    So, in my take, that’s not so much “inner” as it’s something to consider for all that you’re creating and using.

    Always appreciate your points of view. You do a lot for expanding the way I think about things.

  2. Angela Mcknight


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