What the Hell Is This?

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This is a new site for the Reaching for Lucidity Podcast. We experienced some serious tech problems with our network which killed access to the original RfL site. Not access for all of you, but access here at RfL Studios. The thing is, if we can’t get to the site, we can’t update.

So, we are building a new RfL site, which you see here. It will take some time to get it 100% up and running, so please be patient with us as we have many projects running right now. Not the least of which is the second animated adventures which is coming tomorrow.

We have the last 100 shows up on the site now. Soon we will upload the sidbar info, get the flash players back, and move forward from there. After things get back up to speed a bit, I will re-open access to the original site so that you can all visit as an archive, but his will remain the main show site from now on.

Thanks to all of you that offered the advice on my network problems. The advice was diverse to say the least, but our buddy Brent Bradley may have summed it up best with, and I am paraphrasing here, your router may just be crap. I can say that the Linksys tech support may go down as the worst I have ever encountered, and that is saying a lot.

So, cheers everyone! Enjoy your Sunday.

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