Best quote from a tough time, Britain getting battered by storms, but Robert from Worcester has some perspective

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I am in no way making light of the storms hitting Britain. As a matter of fact, I am wishing the best for all in the path. The storm has caused severe damage with winds and flooding. It is even coming close to breeching see walls all along the western coast from Scotland to Wales.

What I am making light of is the current condition of helplessness brought on by bureaucracy. Not just in Britain, but here in the USA and Europe proper as well. It seems nothing can be done without making sure that the government has you totally protected.

A recent story that was heartbreaking was that of a young child that died on a beach of heart failure, all while emergency crew casually strolled to his location. Why were they strolling instead of going commando to reach the child? The beach was rocky and unstable, and thus, health and safety regulations dictated that the emergency crews were not to run and put their own safety at risk. Heaven forbid they sprain an ankle, better the kid dies than a twisted knee.

Another story recently shows just why those safety workers took a leisurely stroll. They could have been fired otherwise.

You see, teenagers are stupid, and this one got caught at the bottom of a very high and steep cliff, on a beach, with the tide coming in. So, she tried to climb her way to safety, but got into a precarious situation and was stranded halfway up the cliff. A brave volunteer Coastguard climbed down and held her safe until crews with proper equipment came.

What happened? Well, because he did what he, as a rescue worker, had pledged to do, he was canned. That is right. A person that voluntarily choose to risk his life to save another, was fired. The council was worried that he may have exposed them to liability of some sort. That man was a hero, and did his job, and was punished.

So what does this have to do with the current storms? Well, a story in the Daily Mail talks about the storm and the damage that is going on. The story is also accompanied by pictures, some of which are breathtaking. One shows a downed tree.

Robert, a gentleman from Worcester, has a great comment, probably about that picture. The comment is comparing how things were handled back when the world made a bit more sense as compared to this day and age of nanny-state-ism. (?word)

Here is Robert’s comment.

Why does a “storm” of 30 years ago turn into a “national catastrophe”
today? Because we choose to make it so. One example I have observed in
person:A tree is blown down and blocks a road…

1975: Of
their own accord, a local logging crew stop what they’re doing and have
the whole lot chainsawed, cleared, loaded and on sale as logs in 45

Today:Police arrive and look at tree. Fire Brigade
arrives to look at tree. Council Arrives to look at tree. Local press
arrives to photograph councillors looking at tree. Police, Firemen and
council each carry out separate “risk assessments”.All wait for TV to arrive to FILM everyone looking at tree. THEN they call a logging crew.

– Robert, Worcester UK

In closing, again, I am not making light of the weather situation in the UK. Everyone there, be safe as you can. I have many friends there from my three years living in the UK that are in the path of this storm. Everyone of you is in my thoughts today.

I just could not pass up the opportunity to get a great quote out. Robert really hits the nail on the head with that observation.

Well done you! Robert.

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