Checking in, Medical Problems, Animated Adventures, and BBQ!

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We may be having a BBQ today. Faith’s sister, Angel from is visiting to spend some time with Faith. Since the last post, we have received some better news about Faith’s medical problems. She is not out of the woods, and she is going to be going through treatment and more test for some time, but it is not as bad as it could have been. For that we are grateful.

Since this past week has pretty much been all about making sure Faith is OK, I am way behind on my media projects. The Animated Adventures is being pushed back. I have not figured out how far yet, but keep checking the schedule at to see when the next episode is going out.

Thanks to all that have sent in words of encouragement for Faith’s recovery. It does mean a lot to us. Hopefully soon we can put this whole episode behind us.

Well, since it is a nice day, Faith’s news is not as catastrophic as it could have been, and we have a guest, we may BBQ this afternoon. There is not too much a BBQ can’t fix. Well, that may be reaching a bit, but BBQ does make a day better.

Cheers everyone!


now, watch a video that says everything I just wrote. Why? Why not. Sorry for the sound, I was blasting Abney Park in the background. Damn, I love that band!

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