Code Pink Whackos Outed By The Daily Show

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This video is just hilarious. The Daily Show crew went out to Berkeley to see first hand the opposition to the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office. The code pink whackos were out in force.

The funniest parts are the interviews with the Code Pink ladies, which show almost zero capability for reasoned thought. Here are some of the things said. Just watch the video if you think I am making this up. Although not making it up, I am paraphrasing.

*Freedom of speech is not an equal thing

*No weapons = no war

*No police = No crime

*The Marines just train people to be mass murderers

*One guy can’t see any actual use for the Marines

It goes on and on.

Some people say the Daily Show is too liberal. Hey, I am conservative, and I say they are not only funny, but display some of the best common sense on television.

Check out the video below.


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