Firefox and Steampunk Browser Themes

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Since I am having trouble figuring out just what my next steampunk project will be, I fell the need to post a resource for everyone to enjoy. How about a Firefox browser theme that is very much Victorian and Steampunk?

OK, there are no steampunk browser themes, yet. But if you are a steam driven soul, you should be using Firefox for two reasons. First, it is very customizable, and thus, sort of steampunk. The second reason is the Glowy browser theme series.

So, just what is the Glowy series? The Glowy series is a group of browser themes for Firefox that look very much steampunk. I personally use the Glowy Gold. The themes are very elegant and capture the feel of Victorian aesthetics well. Here is a screen capture of my browser.

 and another view of the Gold

There are several other colors available as well. So check out the captures below and get your browser up to date with the beauty of the Glowy browser themes.

The Wine




There you have it, browser themes that would look right at home on Jake Von Slatts’s  steam driven computer!



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  1. Mr. Frederick Batterbee

    if you have mrzilla firefox 3 or above go on there add on page and there s one called old factory it is reall steampunk.

  2. Here’s a link for the Old Factory Theme also has Windows XP and Thunderbird

  3. Thanks for the links! It is cool to see the Steampunk aesthetic on Firefox. I just downloaded the black rust with colors. I will switch back and forth from this to the Glowy–which is not really Steampunk, but looks the part, to keep from getting bored.


  4. cassandra

    I couldn’t see any of your themes

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