Happy Easter to everyone!

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Hello, and welcome to Easter 2008. I hope that your year has been a great one so far.

I think I have finalized the date for the release of the next episode, and it will be next Friday. I figure we will just call this week a wash. I am thankful to just be getting out of last week with better news and feelings regarding Faith’s health crisis. No need to push things, eh?

I will be revising the show calendar shortly and I will then look to get the scripts out to all those that have requested parts in upcoming episodes of the Animated Adventures.

Faith and Angel are dying eggs right now. I want no part of it. Silly ritual I think, but it makes them happy, so be it. Anything that makes Faith happy after this weeks health news is OK, just as long as I have to perform no actual dying of eggs.

I went out and bought a bunch of leather remnants yesterday for my next Steampunk project, I however have no Idea what that project may be. But when the motivation hits me, I will be so ready it is not even funny. Or maybe it is funny. Who decides? You? I don’t think so sweetheart, I command funny!

(yeah, even I have no idea what that was about, so just disregard)

I also bought a dip pen. Much like a fountain pen, but without the built in reservoir, thus you have to repeatedly dip the pen into the ink.I am practicing with it now and hope to get better as I would love to start a dip pen only pirates log and also send out messages to all my friends with this wondrous device that was used during the glorious days of steam. That being said, the pen is 100% human powered and uses no steam. It just happened to be a functional device that happened to coincide with the great days of steam.

Well, with that my fine readers, I will be signing off to enjoy the rest of my Easter. I hope you enjoy it as well, even you Buddhists, Atheists, Wiccans, and any other people that happen to be breathing today.

Cheers from the pirate ship R.f. Lucidity,


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  1. Hey Eban! I won’t slam you for dissing the egg dying.. and calling it ridiculous… Even though I want to.

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