Hillary Clinton and trust: Two Words Combined that can’t make sense?

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Hillary Rodham Clinton school picI want to get this out of the way right from the beginning, I don’t like, nor trust, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not one bit.

Now, before you go off thinking that this is a right-winger rant, let me say that I have no dislike of Barack Obama. I will not vote for him to be our next president as I disagree with his stances. But as a person, he seems OK, and I think he can be trusted a hell of a lot more than Clinton.

Hillary, much like her husband, has what can only be described as a need to lie. I know the views of politicians all being liars, so imagine how much you have to lie to be branded a liar among liars.

Adding to the tendency to lie every time a well placed truth would suffice, there is also the shrill, unlikable personality she possesses. That was at least one trait her husband was not saddled with, he was extremely likable.

In other words, I see no redeeming values in this woman and I shudder to think she could be our next president. I would not vote for Obama personally, but I am also not deathly afraid of his presidency, either.

But, I can call anyone a liar. I need to show some examples of what I am saying here. Luckily, Neal Boortz provided a list this morning in his Neal’s Nuze.

I am serious, check out this list. It is mind-boggling. If you read this list and still think this woman can be our future leader, you are either delusional, or in denial. Or, you have info that I do not have. If you do have some info that redeems Hillary from these indiscretions, please let us know. An informed decision is the best decision.

If you are just a Hillary apologist, don’t bother.

Here is Neal’s List.

Now I know that this is old news, but I was on vacation last week and didn’t get to gleefully join in the raucous laughter when Senator Rodham Clinton Rodham came out with this wonderful comment about ducking sniper fire upon her arrival in Bosnia. By the end of the week we were being treated to a video of Hillary saying something like “So, I made a mistake. I’m human” in an overly snotty and condescending manner..

Mistake? This was a mistake? Did she, as she says, “misspeak?” Let’s subject this ridiculous assertion to a little logical scrutiny.

Hillary says it was a mistake. Well, what was the nature of this mistake? Did she confuse Bosnia with some other dangerous location she visited while First Lady? Think about it … There was not. To accept that this was a mistake you would have to form some sort of a belief that she was actually thinking of some other situation – some other landing and visit to a combat zone – and errantly transposed that experience to the Bosnia visit. Well, have you been listening? Have you heard her say that she just transposed events? Have you heard her explain that the sniper fire actually happened at another time and another place? I’ll answer that one for you .. no, you haven’t. That would be because the whole “corkscrew landing” and running from sniper fire never happened anywhere at any time. It was completely made up. It was a lie .. a lie told to make her appear to be more important and courageous to the voters than she really is. It was a lie to enhance her image and credentials. Mistake? Give me a big time break. Her mistake was in making up and telling the lie in the first place. But that is a mistake she makes quite often.

Let’s just do a quick review here.

  • Then there’s the story about Chelsea jogging around the World Trade Center when the Islamic terrorists attacked on 9/11. Wasn’t true. Chelsea was nowhere near the trade center. Where did Hillary get this story? Did her daughter make a mistake and tell her that she was out jogging? Hardly. There was no basis at all for this lie. None. This was Hillary trying to make herself a part of this tragic story .. telling a bold lie in order to bring to herself just some of the sympathy felt for those who suffered actually losses in this attack by Muslim goons.
  • How about Monica Lewinsky? Do you really think that the whole story was just made up by some “vast right wing conspiracy” to discredit her husband? Come on now. How many so-called “bimbo eruptions” had Hillary handled before Monica came huffing along? She knew what a whore-dog her husband was, yet she sat there and prattled on about a right-wing conspiracy. Just another lie.
  • Then we have the Sir Edmund Hillary thing. Yeah .. her mother named her after the first person to climb Mt. Everest. Problem is, nobody had heard of Sir Edmund Hillary when Hillary Rodham was born. A lie.
  • Remember Bill Clinton pardoning those Puerto Rican FALN terrorists as he left office? Hillary was running for the Senate in New York at the time, and the Puerto Rican community was demanding these terrorists be pardoned. Hillary – the woman so involved with everything Bill did in the White House – says she didn’t know about the pardons. Right.
  • Oh yeah … Hillary wanted to be an astronaut. Remember this one? She wrote NASA to find out how to apply, and she says they wrote back saying that they “don’t take girls.” Sally Ride was about three years younger than Hillary when she became the first U.S. woman in space. Do you believe that NASA actually sent that letter to Hillary.
  • Then there’s this biggie. The Rose Law Firm billing records. This wasn’t an inconsequential lie designed to enhance her image. It was a lie to cover her rear end. Investigators wanted her billing records from the Rose Law Firm to see if she had done any work on a tax scam known as Casa Grande. She claimed – under oath – that she didn’t have those billing records, that she didn’t know where they were, and that she frankly doubted that they existed at all. Well .. it turns out they did indeed exist. They were found in her private quarters in the White House two years after she swore under oath that she didn’t have them. Not only were they found, but they had her handwriting and fingerprints on them. This particular lie was a crime. She was never prosecuted.
  • Moving right along to the soccer lie. The story here was supposed to be that Hillary was on a junior high school soccer team and had a confrontation with the goal tender from an opposing team. If I remember the story correctly, the opposing goalie told Hillary that she didn’t like white people. Oh yeah .. like high school soccer goalies just spontaneously blurt out their hatred for white people during a soccer game. The problem here was that the school Hillary was attending didn’t have a soccer team. Another lie.
  • Hillary says she didn’t give the order to fire the White House travel office staff. Staffers remember the exact words she used: “Fire their asses.” She then had their asses and all their belongings unceremoniously dumped on the Ellipse behind the White House.

Well, as much fun as we’re having here remembering Hillary’s lies – it really is somewhat of an exercise in futility. She’s toast. She has so many forks sticking out of her she looks like a porcupine. I’m just sitting around waiting for her to completely implode as her presidential aspirations – her quest for the job she’s flat-out entitled to – goes up in smoke.

Hillary Clinton as Burger Queen

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  1. Could not have said it better hill is bad for the US Bill is charming like a used car sales man (no offense to used car guys) obama is on my short list but who knows! It will all come down to the debate of barack and John!

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