It is a pretty slow day today

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Slow day is the polite way of saying, Bored. Funny, right now I am in the middle of the kind of boredom I mocked in the last episode of Animated Adventures. Things sort of work out that way.

Faith and Angel seem to be having a ball. they have napped twice, colored their eggs, and in general are just being. It is driving me a bit crazy.

They are sisters, so a good time to them is standing around talking for an hour about what to do next. They just enjoy the mindless banter. I would put a movie in, but the minute I do they would come back into the study and then want input into the movie choice, which they would then stop watching to continue the banter.

I could pull out my Les Paul and play, but that would annoy them , I could this, I could that, but I need to face it, in many ways it is a women’s world and we men just live in it.

Well, complaining does not help either, especially as they are perfectly able to see this post and probably make my life hell about it later. I guess I should just go with the flow. The boredom can’t last forever.

Man, sometimes it is hard being a pirate.



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