Karmyn Tyler with another KarmynKast and a great Britney Spears Spoof with JA Donnelly!

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Man, the latest Karmynkast is just amazing. Karmyn is back at work, and on the Boston Legal set. She talks strike, she talks doggie colonics, and so much more.(hey, i can’t top doggie colonics) But best of all, Karmyn and JA Donnelly come up with a great spoof of Britney Spears with Karmyn on vocals!

Watch the video below, or download the audio version here.. (Just a hint, watch the video, Karmyn is Gorgeous!

Also, show RfL some love as well. Be sure to check out the latest RfL 2.0, it is a great rock mix!
The Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures is going on here!

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