My latest project? Steampunk DIY. My steam inspired glasses! **Plus an update on the Animated Adventures**

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The thing I love about the Steampunk culture is the aspect of DIY. Check out Brass Goggles or Velvet Mechanism for some great examples of Steam inspired DIY.

You really have three options in Steampunk.

1.Buy things and then transform or modify them (DIY)

2.Find true vintage items through thrift stores, antique shops, or net searches (DIY, in a way, treasure hunts are cool!)

3.Make stuff 100% from scratch (100% DIY)


You can’t really buy “off the shelf” steampunk. There are items that can contribute to the look, but DIY is still a necessity to get everything right.

Well, here is my latest project, my steam inspired glasses. I know that goggles are the usual way to go, but I don’t really like goggles as I see them as less than practical. I will, in the future, make a pair just so I can say that I did it, but in day to day stuff, I prefer glasses.


Also. I tend to be lacking the skills of other Steam inspired individuals such as Jake Von Slatt or Richard R. Nagy, so I tend to keep my projects simple, at least for now. Faith has hinted that she would like to see me try a few mods around the house now, so we will see.


So in this project, I took a cheap pair of aviator glasses and created a cross between turn of the century safety glasses with a bit of a goggle look.

I made a bit of an error in that I did not record my process. (Not really an error, I was just not sure how they would turn out) Well, for my first pair, I am pleased with the outcome. I will be making more as I need different lenses for different occasions. These are very dark. I will probably do a yellow or amber pair and a clear pair as well. I will document those project in full.

I will cover the specifics when I do my next pair. In short, the supplies are simple. A pair of glasses. Choose what you like, just remember a couple of points. Steam is not plastic. A good Cyberpunk pair could be plastic, but keep to metal glasses as a general rule. Also, try to get glasses with the hinge near the center of the frame. If the hinge is near the top it may create a problem when attaching the leather.

You will need a sheet of leather, some paper to create the patterns, scissors, a hole punch, some grommets, a hammer, and glue. I found a version of crazy glue that actually works on leather as well as other surfaces.

I used the paper to create a pattern for the sides and for the bridge area. I then transfered the pattern to the leather and cut the pieces. I made the strips which hold the leather in place as well. When measuring the strips for the sides, be sure to leave a good bit of slack so you can attach the leather to the lens frame. Look at the pics to see what I mean.

I then punched the holes to attach the side strips to the side shields. Using a hammer and the grommet tool, I attached the strips to the shields and set them

I created the bridge piece by folding the leather over the bridge and overlapping once. Since the grommet will not go through three layers, I attached the grommet to the visible front and glue the folded area in place. Yeah, it is cheating a bit. Next pair I will use snaps instead.

I now put the side shields in place. I start by putting a bead of crazy glue around the outer edge, the gel kind works best to avoid runs which can ruin the lenses and the project. The glue sets fast so be careful to get a proper alignment right from the beginning.

After the gluing process, you are just about done. If you used a soft suede leather, you are actually finished. Enjoy your new look. However, if you used a stiff leather like I did, you will have to trim to fit a little and then break the glasses in by wearing them for a while. Mine fit perfect after about an hour.

Some of the directions above may not make total sense without pictures, so I will be sure to get pictures up with my next pair.

One thing that made the project go by pretty fast was great tunes. For those not into the Steampunk community, you may not have heard of the band Abney Park. Well now you have, so go to their site and check them out. They are a great band.





News on the new episodes of the Animated Adventures!!!!

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