Neal Boortz find some shocking Constitutional interpretations in a school textbook

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I am no fan of our educational system. It seems as if the sole purpose is not to educate, but to dumb down the future generations.

Why? Well, it may sound like the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist to some, but I believe it is to further the goals of government control. Whether that means our government leading us closer to a 1984 Orwellian existence, or the “One World” government others speak of, or even something we have not yet grasped, is open to debate. But either way, I do believe that the schools of today are little more than socialist indoctrination centers.

I get crap from some for that view. Neal Boortz also shares that view, and gets crap for it. But in the Neal’s Nuze segment of his website today, he posted some evidence of this trend. I have reprinted it below.

Check it out and have a great week, if you can. While you are at it, in Britain, watch out for the cameras that can now see through clothing.

Big Brother, who would have thought? At least Britain is getting it a bit before us.

From Neal Boort’s Nuze on Monday March 10, 2008


I was sorting out some papers over the weekend … and came upon one of my
favorites. It’s a page out of an “Activity Book” published by Harcourt Brace,
now called Harcourt Education. This page is entitled “Rights & Wrongs” and
comes from the Harcourt social studies textbook “United States in Modern
Times.” The heading for this page says “In the late eighteenth century many
people complained that the Constitution did not list rights of the people. So
the authors of the Constitution decided to write a Bill of Rights. These first
ten amendments to the Constitution state simply and clearly citizens’ rights
that the government cannot take away.”

This particular page (page 14) of the “Activity Book” then lists the Bill of
Rights with short explanations of each one. I thought you might like to see
what this book says about the 2nd Amendment:

“The Second Amendment *
says that states may enlist citizens for a trained militia [army] and provide
and train them with weapons.”

Are you believing that? This, my friends, is the way the government schools
work to indoctrinate rather than educate. In the heading Harcourt says that the
Bill of Rights protects the rights of the people … then they go on to say that
the 2nd Amendment actually protects the rights of government.

Are you sending your children to the government to be educated?

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