Near Airliner Crash in Hamburg, I Want this Pilot on my Flights

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This is amazing video, which most of you have probably already seen, but I want to post it anyway. This is of a Lufthansa Airbus coming in to land in Hamburg in dangerous crosswinds. As the wheels touch down, it appears all is lost, but the skilled pilot pulled it out and went airborne for a “Go Around” and landed safely 10 minutes later.

I was looking at the comments at the site where I got the video, and most of the armchair experts were talking as if the pilot was an idiot as he had to know about the crosswinds and such. For one, it does not matter, his skills saved the day. Also, planes fly and conditions change very fast, and no person can make an assessment from just that amateur video.

In my humble opinion, that pilot is a hero. And the humble man does not even want to be seen as one. I think it is safe to say, even with the derision of the Monday Morning Quarterbacks out there, that this man knows how to fly. I would gladly step on to a plane flown by him any day!


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