Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 Podcast #352

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Hey everyone, Reaching for Lucidity is back, and we could use some help. But more on that later, right now, how about some great rock-n-roll?

We are heading into March in style with great music by Royal Court members Waiting for Decay and Chance. We have tunes by RfL favorites American Heartbreak, which features the Rock-n-Roll Geek, Michael Butler on bass. And then we finish up with music by HoliMoli! Like I said, a great rock mix.

Now, about that help. We did have some recent network problems, but that has all been resolved. Now our problem is workflow. We are trying to find a more streamlined and efficient way to get this show and the animated series out to you, so listen to the show and see if you can help us out.

Enjoy the show!


Music on the Show

Waiting for Decay-Last Call

Chance-Independent and Forgive+Forget

American Heartbreak-Things are Looking Up and Superstar

HoliMoli-What I Think of You


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  1. […] has begun, the latest Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 Podcast #352 is out and it features a great rock mix. The bands featured are Waiting for Decay, Chance, American […]

  2. Hey Eban and SJ!

    I like watching the shorter ones.. you know my attention span is short and when I am watching an 11 minute episode.. *points oh look shiny* I well see there? hahaha I am sidetracked on leaving my comment! lol

    I wouldn’t mind a continuation of an idea/episode. although I can remember seeing “to be continued” on some shows and that sucked ass!

    hummm I wonder what everyone else thinks? If its a bit easier to the shorter ones, then do them, it would keep us coming back more frequently and keep you posting more frequently.. ??

    Have a nice weekend! Pat is still sick, and I am feeling just a little woozie.

    Adios! Talk to you later.

  3. Hey Dude. Thanks for playing HOLiMOLi. You actually played ‘United’ not ‘What I think of You’ BUT having said that, it’s an honor to hear our songs on your show.
    Peace Out

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