Reason number 1047 1/2 to be a guy, Ablation

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I have to tell you, some days it just seems better to be a man. I know yesterday I wrote that in many ways it is actually a woman’s world, we just live in it, but we get even at times. How? No periods. No PMS. No childbirth. And now, a new word that I have learned due to Faith’s current health crisis, ablation. Endometrial ablation, to be exact.

Not that Faith has to undergo this therapy, but it is not off the books either. So what is ablation? The desruction of the uterus lining. Serious.

There are several ways to achieve this, each horrific in it’s own right. One way is by using a laser tool to sear the lining into oblivion. Another involves yet another tool, this time a sonic tool to do the damage. Another method, a method frowned upon on a couple of informational sites, uses a balloon filled with scalding water inserted into the uterus. And yet another method, one that I have found out was recently used on another family member, dispenses with the balloon and has the scalding water inserted directly into the uterus.

The procedure is not as horrific as it seems, as the procedure is done outpatient, and the subject returns to normal life in a couple of days. However, another part of the process is the discharge for days after the procedure due to the now dead uterus tissue sloughing off. Fun stuff!

For some women, ablation negates the need for a full hysterectomy.  For some it stops overly heavy periods that lead to anemia. So, a good therapy, with a horrific description.

But hey, guys out there, definitely another reason to be happy to be a guy. Yeah, we have prostate crap, but be sure to take your Saw Palmetto! No ablation for us.



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  1. It’s so great that you’re posting this information Eban! So many women have this problem and many don’t know that there are even solutions out there! There’s actually a website dedicated to it:

  2. Hey Abbey, thanks for commenting and sharing that website. I will pass that on to Faith as soon as she gets back from her doctor appointment.

    Have a great week!


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