The Reason I no Longer Trust Oprah, Even though I think She Should Be a Person of Respect

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Chuck Norris wrote an op-ed for WorldNet Daily talking about Oprah’s latest project. The project will be a webinar of a program built around a book by an author named Tolle which is pretty much another New Age type guide to finding your purpose. Chuck takes on the project as Christian vs. New Age. I could care less, people will believe what they believe, and I respect that. My problem with Oprah is different.

I think that what Oprah has achieved, with all the obstacles she has overcome, is worthy of deep respect. Unfortunately, last year Oprah did something that has me thinking that there is a dishonesty about her now. Listen for my take.


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  1. Rich Moore

    I guess Chuck’s been writing for over a year. I went and checked out his archives and was amazed of the content and reasonsing ability. Awesome! You can check out his others articles at

  2. Thanks for the comment Rich. And yes, Chuck has put out some very well thought out commentary. I find his stuff to be much more enjoyable than others at WorldNet Daily, which seem to be much too dogmatic.

    I also enjoy Burt Prelutsky’s column which comes out on Wednesdays.

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