We received some bad news yesterday

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I am a slight bit behind on posting here, but please put up with me for a bit. Yesterday we received some  bad news, several bits of bad news actually, all dealing with the health and well being of family members. Faith being one of those members.

I am a bit scattered in the brain at the moment and I am having a difficult time focusing, so, I am falling behind on my posts.

Faith is going in for more tests for her condition today, and hopefully we get good news. That would ease my mind a lot.

I feel the need to thank everyone that reads my ramblings here, and listens to my audio shows, and watches the Animated Adventures. I really appreciate it. I hope to be back to my regular posts soon, as that would mean we had good news.

Still, stick around. A new post is coming, trust me.



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  1. Hang in there, man. Good thoughts sent your way.

  2. I appreciate all you did to help prop me up during my recent downturn. I only hope I can somehow return the favor. You know how to find me. All my hopes.

  3. Clinton and Bryce, thanks guys. I really mean it, thanks a million. Faith has more tests today, hopefully we get good news.


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