Yes, I am still experimenting on the look of the RfL sites

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I have found the theme that I am sticking with, which is the Coyote Moon by Theme Burrito. Now, I just need to tweak the colors and layout until I am 100% satisfied. The dark gray with the lines was a bit distracting after a while, so I am now trying out a clean look. I don’t know if I will stick with this. I may borrow from another theme that Faith has on standby and create a hybrid.

One thing is for sure, even though I am tweaking the look, the Coyote Moon by Theme Burrito is by far my favorite theme, ever. It is easily customizable to mimic some of the premium themes, without the premium cost. Thus, you are able with just a little tweaking, to create a great, custom look theme.

Hats off to Theme Burrito!


**Edit** I have now added elements, customized of course, from the great theme, Round and Round, by Joni Ang!  See her work at or Tainted Songs themes.

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