A couple of Hip Hop ditties for the day, both about the U.K. Snoop Dog and Jay Z

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A couple of stories hit the pages at Angry Ape today worth mentioning.

It looks like Jay Z may drop out of headlining Glastonbury this year.


It may be he is a bit upset over being blamed for lack of ticket sales this year. Hell, that would piss me off as well. That is a festival, people camp out and get dirty, and there are a lot of bands.

I am not really a Jay Z fan, but come on. Get over yourself Glastonbury Festival, maybe people are just moving on.

Other rumors quoted at Angry Ape include Jay Z headlining the O2 Wireless fest instead and Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis saying everything is fine.

Oh well.

Now, on to Snoop Dog.

In 2006 Snoop Dog was banned from entering the U.K. after a bit pf a dust-up at Heathrow. In January, that ruling was reversed.

Now Angry Ape has news that the retraction will be contested by the U.K. Border Agency.

So Snoop, who is also banned from Australia, will have to wait for the outcome of this appeal before applying for a work visa.

The trials of the rich and gangsta, ain’t it just so urban?

Snoop’s CD, Dogg’s Ego Trippin, was released in the U.K. Last week.

Cheers everyone!

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