Abney Park to Play Ravenwood Festival in Arkansas!

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Abney Park, my current band crack, is going to be performing at the Ravenwood Festival in Arkansas on July 12th!

This is taking place at George’s Majestic Lounge, located at 519 W Dickson Street, Fayetteville. Arkansas.

If you can make it, please do, you will not be disappointed as Abney Park is a tremendous Steampunk band.

Also slated to perform are Voltaire, Vernian Process, The Ghosts Project, DJ Eternal Darkness, DJ Fact 50, and DJ Genesis. There will also be belly dancers, illusionists, and beer!



Abney Park Ravenwood Fest

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2 Responses

  1. I can not thank you enough for posting this. I’ve been trying to get some of the more serious artisans to come out and show their wares.

    We have a great line up of Djs and Bands, but I only have a few actual craftspeople coming out.

    I thank you for the exposure.

    -Dj Infam0us

  2. Eban

    Hey, no problem. I love the whole idea of this festival. My only wish is that I could go, but other things are happening at that time.

    Do you have a personal link that I can throw up as well? I tried to find links to include you in the lineup, but all I kept getting was links to a rapper.

    My best wishes to you and all involved that this will be a tremendius event!


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