Brett Michaels named in Breach of Contract Suit by Owner of Mansion used in Rock of Love

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Brett MichaelsPoor old Brett Michaels, the guy can’t catch a break.

OK, I have no idea if he can catch a break or not, but I do know that Poison’s front man is being named in a breach of contract suit filed against the producers of “Rock of Love“. This suit is being brought forth by the owner of the $9 million home used in the shows second season.

The owner, Ray Sahranavard, claims $380,000 worth of damage was done during the filming. He claims Mindless Entertainment Inc., the show’s production company, promised to take care of the residence and provide $3 million in liability insurance.

Some of the reported damage included hole in the walls and ceilings, removed doors, dead grass and landscaping, and the interior of the house almost completely repainted.

Well, here is my take. Leave Brett alone. He was nothing more than an employee here, signed and paid to deliver by the production company. Actually, an employee may be a bit much, he was more of a trained monkey, doing as he was told to get the best ratings and shock value. Think of the trained monkey scene in the movie Zoolander to get my point.

Now, as for the suit against Mindless Entertainment. Hell yeah, make them pay up. But, at the same time, use your brain next time, Mr. Sahranavard. They are called “Mindless Entertainment,” after all.

I mean, really, what the hell could you expect?


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