Casting Call Auditions for Reaching for Lucidity Animated adventures!

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Here is the first open call for casting on Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures. It is your chance to become a part of the RfL family. Also, you get a listing in the show credits along with the chance to push your internet presence, whether it be a business, website, blog, or social network profile!

If you have a great voice, a funny voice, a serious voice, any voice really, and the ability to do a semi-decent recording–I can work with almost any recording–why not try out for a part.

We need both male and female voices, so send in your best!

The parts that are needed asap include

Hillary Clinton

Barrack Obama

John MacCain

Chuck Norris

Mike Huckabe


A Naughty old Grandmother

We will have many parts coming up, so don’t think that you need to fill one of these. Also, the voices don’t have to be all that accurate, just interesting or funny. We are making fun of everyone here after all, LOL.

What I need:

A recording of you, doing what you do. No effects added, just a dry recording. Try to record at a decent volume level, but please, no clipping. I can fix noise, I can fix volume, I can’t fix overdriving the mic.

Render the recordings in .wav format as I need the best quality to work with. Please, no mp3 format.

Send any recordings to me at .

My recommendations, if you do not already have a recording setup, is to download Audacity. It is a feature packed and easy to use recording utility that is also free.

I look forward to hearing what you come up with.

Animation is fun! Acting is fun! SJ and I are fun! (at least after we have had a few tequila shots, lol)

My contact details are below if you have any questions.


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  1. nope none of these but I do a mean Hillary. next please!

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