Chance releases latest single! Life & Life Only

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It may come as a surprise to many here, but I love Chance’s music. (OK, sarcasm turned off) So, it is a great day for me when new Chance comes available.

Chance has released his latest single, “Life & Life Only”. Chance had put a demo of this tune out earlier, but this is a completely re-recorded version. You can get the song for only .99 cents RIGHT HERE!

Next single on the way is Liftoff.

I for one can’t wait!

And, for those that may not know, the closing song from the Animated Adventures is Chance’s “Forgive+Forget”. You can get your own copy of this tremendous song RIGHT HERE! This song actually helped inspire the Animated Adventures.

As a matter of fact, why don’t you just check out Chance’s full catalog.

I am a huge fan of the independent music scene. Please, check out what is available and show the love to these amazing artists. They do it for the passion, help them keep it up!


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