Datamancer, not to be outdone, shows his own new steampunk PC creation!

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Between Jake Von Slatt and Datamancer, also known as Richard “Doc” Nagy, there is some serious steampunk goodness for us to enjoy.

After Von Slatt came up with his steampunk keyboard, Datamancer took up the reigns and started to produce other versions which he sold on ebay.

Along the way, he also came up with the steampunk laptop, which is just an amazing work of art. It features a clockwork art topped case and a unique wind up start mechanism. Take a look below.

datamancer steampunk laptop
datamancer steampunk laptop

This new monitor, which is pictured at the top with one of his steampunk keyboards, was made for a film, an indie remake of Nosferatu. The monitor will be auctioned off after the film is complete.


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  1. Hey there Eban!

    Love those vintage looking comps there! It’ll be interesting to find one right on my desk in the future. šŸ™‚

    See you around again dude!

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