Is refocusing a natural part of life? Well, it is for Reaching for Lucidity Productions!

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Have you noticed what the hell has happened to this blog? It has become a mess with different directions and thoughts sprawled out all over the place. Just a mess.

Well, one thing that happens when things become a mess is readership goes down. Not by much, yet, but still down, Also, in not having a clear focus, meanings get muddled and hard to follow, thus loss of, well see the last sentence.

I am refocusing, not only this blog, but all of Reaching for Lucidity. I am not updating 3Currencies any longer and I am letting that domain go by the wayside. I am putting all of my RfL efforts into RfL 2.0 and The Animated Adventures. No more brain drain on 2 million projeccts.

Here, I will talk about what I know best. Music, indie musicians, New Media production, animation, and entertainment.  No more politics, no more actual tech, No more social networking, no more Scoble, no more filler. Maybe the occasional personal tidbit, but just focused on bringing great information to you, the reader.

I hope you enjoy the new, more focused RfL!

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