Music Remyx #3, Guest hosted by Brent Bradley, features Reaching for Lucidity 2.0

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I received an email from Brent Bradley, our buddy over at Podshow Radio, and Col. Klink from the Animated Adventures, asking me to be a part of a new podcast, Music Remyx. I was thrilled.

The Music Remyx is a podcast “best of” show that takes the place of the now gone Podshow Music Rewind that was hosted by Marcus Couch of The Scene Zine.

Music Remyx was started and is hosted by Jimi Lee of Indie Radio Chattanooga and Mike Wills of Mike’s Hot Dish. The premise is the same as the Rewind. Music podcasters submit clips of their favorite segments and a song from their show. It really is a fun, eclectic show.

Well, as I said, I was invited into the club and made my first submission this week. I submitted Chance, Forgive+Forget.

So, check it out. It is a great new podcast and a way to sample the goods of other terrific music shows.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the show. We appreciate any mention we can get to build the audience.

  2. Hey man,thanks alot for the submission,please continue to do so,and let others who you feel deserve to be heard know about it!
    It is also streaming 24/7 on on The TLP Network

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