My head may just explode, watch out for the shrapnel

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I apologize for the lack of entertainment news today, and for the lack of a regular post as well. I had a planned piece on the old iRiver ifp series and just how much I love those obsolete gadgets, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

I need to be completely candid here, I am hung over. Not so much that I can only manage to sit and stare into space. Just enough that trying to actually form my thoughts into a coherent post is just about impossible.

So, check back tomorrow  for the iRiver post and some more news from the music, animation, and new media world.

I also have a couple of book reviews and podcasting tips posts coming up as well.

Please, have some pity on the poor bastard that I am today, or not. It is all good.

Take this word of warning from me to you. If you have actually gone a long period of time without alcohol, don’t start back with scotch, at least not in the amounts I had last night.

Good news, I was on twitter and a couple of other sites last night, and unlike when I usually drunk post, I don’t have to apologize to anyone this morning. I was well behaved it would seem



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