News of a Patti Smith and Kevin Shields Show from 2005

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Well, it looks like Patti Smith, the seminal punkish artist ground breaker and legend, and Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine teamed up for a show in 2005.

This happened in London and was part of Patti’s tributes to photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, her longtime friend and aids victim. These performances are known as Coral Sea.

The show that happened between Fields and Smith was filmed. It features both music and spoken word performances and now it will be released on July 11.

Keep that date in your calenders!


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  1. For those who may be interested, here is a video we made about Patti Smith during her personnal exhibition in Paris at “La Fondation Cartier”. She speaks about life, art…:

  2. Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for that link. I will watch the show later today.

    Hope to see you around RfL in the future.


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