Nightwish drops new Video for “The Islander”. Features Steampunk imagery!

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The new Nightwish video for “The Islander” is mesmerizing.

I have backed away from Nightwish recently after their public tossing of Tarja Turunen. Also, Tarja’s solo album, “My Winter Storm“, is just better than the new Nightwish album, in my humble opinion.

But, that being said, Nightwish is still a great band. Their next single will be “The Islander.” The video has just been released, and to my surprise, it is chock full of steampunk imagery! I mean, really, what is more steampunk than a sky filled with mighty airships? Not much.

This clip features dirigibles, a titanic looking ship with balloons, and a really cool ship with a da Vinci type propeller. There is even a scene showing an in air traffic device. I love this. Plus, this is the best song off of their new album.

So, here you go, the new Nightwish video.

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