Oh My God, It’s More News!

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I am going to try something new for a few days. I think all of you are know my workflow for this blog pretty much. I hit my Google reader and go through all of the sites I am subscribed to looking for great stories and such to write about here. I then see if there are any original topics I have to write about as well.

The problem that I have been running into is the shear amount of news and stories I come across, many which would be of interest to someone that reads this blog. I just can’t write that many posts. I choose the stories that I can comment on and go with those, but a lot gets away.

So, here is what I am going to try. Once or twice a day, in addition to my own posts, I will put up link posts to some of those other stories that I can’t get to. That way, you still get the info, and I don’t have to go 24/7 while adding another day to the week.

Think of this as a pre-built aggregator.



From Blabbermouth.net

PARADISE LOST Members Comment On Upcoming ‘The Anatomy Of Melancholy’ DVD

ARSIS Debuts Animated Music Video For ‘We Are The Nightmare

MEGADETH Joins Forces With Voter Registration Group HeadCount To Sign Up New Voters

From Aversion

Scott Weiland Sent to Jail

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Back with New Album

Reward Offered for Roger Waters’ Pig Balloon (Something about those frisky Floyd Pigs)

Denver’s Monolith Festival Lineup Unveiled

Animation News

Frame Damage Animation Festival (Contest)

Steampunk Goodies

Steampunk Magazine at Maker Faire

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