Podmaxx 08 gives you control of your iPod and how you use it!

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**This is a review of commercial software and has ad copy as well.**

Does it aggravate you that you can’t move music from your iPod to your PC? How about if a friend has a great tune on his iPod but can’t share?

Would you like to copy DVD movies to your device?

How about creating ringtones? Backing up your iPod music collection? View news, weather, email, and more on your iPod?

Podmaxx 08 makes this all possible. This software is from Bling Software LTD. and comes with a 30 day full refund guarantee.

So what does this do?

Podmaxx allows you to copy music from any iPod to your PC. As anyone with an iPod knows, the music transfer is a one way street. No longer! Now you have total control over your music collection, not iTunes.

Get this, not only can you copy songs to your PC from your iPod, but you can burn straight to CD using Podmaxx as well. Podmaxx automatically handles formatting of your files for the CD.

Do you want a ringtone from your collection, but don’t want to play by iTunes rules? Podmaxx allows you to choose any part of a song or sound, and then sends it to your phone for free.

Want movies? Don’t want to pay Apple for movies you already own? Podmaxx will rip any DVD straight to your iPod in super quality. Now you can watch your movies on the go.

Here is another cool feature. Would you like Email, news, weather, movie listings, RSS feeds, and more, all on your iPod to carry with you. Podmaxx synchronizes these items to your iPod whenever you plug in. You always have your content.

Now for the best part, this software is normally $39.99, but right now it is only $29.99 with an instant rebate. I have no idea when this rebate will end, but still, $39.99 is a great price for that power.

Also, Podmaxx offers a free trial, so you can give it a test before commiting to purchase.

One downside is that Podmaxx only works with Windows systems. Also, it works with the iPod mini, nano, and 10, 20, and 60 gig iPods.

So give Podmaxx a test drive and see if this is the kind of control over your iPod you have been wanting.


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