Radiohead says no to another set your own price release

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Radiohead have decided that the In Rainbows name your own price album release was a one time event.

Thom Yorke says:

“It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone asking us what we were going to do.” I don’t think it would have the same significance now anyway, if we chose to give something away again. It was a moment in time… I think it was a one-off response to a particular situation.”

Well, what can I say. They have every right to release their music as they see fit. It was a cool experiment. I guess I would have liked to see the band use this as more of a springboard to show people that there is great music outside of the record label structures. The kind of great tunes we play on RfL.

But then again, that is not Radiohead’s burden, dragging people towards the indie scene away from the label drivel. Music fans should seek out great tunes on their own.

I do have to admit that I get aggravated by people that complain about how crappy the music scene has become, but still listen to only the mainstream releases.

Yes, it takes a bit more work to find the great music from the indie scene, but with the web, it is much easier than it once was. Hell, just listen to an indie web radio show, like, I don’t know, Reaching for Lucidity 2.0.

For those that have been around new media for a while, you will know what I mean when I say this seems like another Ricky Gervais moment. The corporate guys having a go at being indie, then turning course for more familiar and safe waters.

Or maybe not.

And, for those that get mad because I just called Radiohead corporate, get over it. They are one of the more interesting and creative “indie-like” bands out there, but they are still part of the machine. I don’t mean that in a negative way, just as a statement of truth. Even I, after going on and on about the indie scene I love so much, still listen to label music. Not all of it is bad, just most of it. Radiohead is one of the good choices.


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