Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 Podcast #354, The Juggernaut

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We have a packed show today!

We have the bands Bloodsimple, Attackhead, Rob Halford's Fight, Givehead, NanowaR of Steel, and Lacuna Coil!

We have another great podcast for you to check out. We all know The Closet Geek Show from our bud Brent. Well, he now has a new, shiny, kickass, one song a day podcast called Relentless Wave! Get over there and subscribe!

How about a new album from a member of our Royal Court? It has arrived, Chris Juergensen's latest album, the half live, half studio, balls out blues riot called Strange Phenomena. Get it at iTunes, CD Baby, or Frettunes! Get it now!

With all that, we still have more. How about a chance to star in an upcoming episode of the Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures? We need some roles filled, maybe one has your name on it. Listen to find out how to get in on the fun!

Enjoy the show!


Music on the show

Bloodsimple-Out to Get You

Attackhead-Voices in the Dark and Make Me Suffer

Fight (Rob Halford)-Down

Givehead-Fallen Angels

NanowaR of Steel-Tricycles of Steel and Fight the Dragon for the Village

Lacuna Coil-Swamped


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