Reaching for Lucidity Quickjabs #40 Splitsville

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Hey everyone, we have a great set of tunes for you today from the band Splitsville. Power-pop, pop rock, whatever you want to call it, it is great music with a bit of a 60’s feel.

Also, I need to get my listeners on board my mailing list. I have announcements coming up that only the mailing list will be savvy to, at least at first. plus, I am going to start sending out mailing list only shows with some great new bands. Get in on this now.

The sign up is below, and in the sidebar. I promise to never share your info with anyone, just to send you great email only shows and the first shot at upcoming news.

Also, a new show is starting today. Well, tomorrow actually. It is RfL: Stories From My Life. I have lived through some pretty crazy stuff, and now I am sharing the stories.

The first episode? How about this. I tell the story of how I almost got thrown into jail by the Air Force, while getting seizures, and ended up with a bat tattooed on the head of my penis. And yes, all of that is tied together. It is sort of the story of how I became like I am today, for better or worse.

I am putting the first episode both here and on the new site when it is built.


Songs on the show

The Kid that Kills for Sugar


We often have updates and behind the scenes happenings to report, but only want our true fans and friends to know about them, at least at first. Plus, we also have email only shows for the enjoyment of the diehard RfL fans! I pledge that no one will ever see your email but me and I will never sell you out to spammers!

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