Rob Costlow update on his upcoming album.

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I was checking the feeds today and came up with a gem. Rob Costlow, member of the Reaching for Lucidity Royal Court, original member at that, is heading into the studio in less than a week to record his next album!

This is great news for people that love Rob’s piano work. He has that ability to be soothing while still maintaining an edge, being able to keep a tension in even the most beautiful songs.

Yeah, I dig his playing.

Here is a tidbit of what Rob says about the new album.

Themes on the album range from my awesome little girl, trips, falling in love, and not being heard or respected (not going to go into details, just something that happens to us all at one time or another).

So there you have it. Head over to Rob’s blog to get more info on the new album.

I can’t wait.


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