Season Two of Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures Set

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RfL Animated Adventures SJ

I am Happy to announce Season Two of the Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures will be starting on May 16th!

I have decided to keep to a more BBC type schedule from now on with the animated show. That means doing a series of 6 or 7 shows then taking a break.

This is for my sanity mostly. These animated shows are very work intensive and tend to take up my whole life while I am working on them. By doing things this way I will be better able to keep the quality high and the work on schedule.

So, you may be asking why only four episodes for the first season. Well, I actually did seven. The teasers were, for all intents and purposes, episodes. I was just using them as experiments, and so called them teasers.

Well, I never liked the number seven, so lets shoot for eight next time. I am now working, and re-working the scripts.

I look forward to seeing you all for season two!



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