The New RfL Show is Launched, Stories From My Life

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Busy day, launching a new show. This one is RfL: Stories From My Life. The past and present stories from behind the scenes here can get pretty bizarre, I figured it was time to tell them.

Here is the show notes from the first episode. . .

Welcome to the first episode of Reaching for Lucidity: Stories From My Life.

To start off this new RfL show, Let’s go back to late 1992-1993. I was in the Air force and we were at war with Iraq under president Bush. (Does that sound familiar?)

This time was pretty wild for me and Faith. This was actually the timeframe where I started to become who I am today, for better or worse.

This story has some twists. The Air Force tries to put me in jail, I develop a seizure disorder, and I end up with a bat tattooed on the end of my penis, done by a huge biker-poet that did ink on Henry Rollins. And yes, before you ask, it is all related.

Well, enjoy the story of how I came to get my “BATT”. (That is my spelling, it is the name of the tat, not the description.)



And now, this one time only, here is Episode #1.

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