Two new bits of Pixar News This Morning

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Rendered Scene from 2009’s UP
Pixar has posted a rendered scene from the upcoming movie, UP. The film is set for a May 29, 2009 release and is directed by Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson.

The story is that of a 78 year old widower that sets off on an adveture, flying in his house held aloft with balloons, to fulfill his late wife’s dream.

The main character is voiced by Ed Asner.

Click on the pic below to go tho the official site for the rendered scene.

Pixar UP

Ever wonder what it is like inside of Pixar?

Well, now you can have a taste of Pixar life, or at least read about it. Yes, life at Pixar is much different from the life here at RfL Productions animation studio. Thanks for asking, lol.David Bordwell has an article titled, “A Glimpse Into The Pixar Kitchen.” An added bonus, is he also links to Bill Desowitz’s Sneek peek of the upcoming Pixar Flick Wall*E.

I guess I just did as well.


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