3Currencies is Dead, Long Live 3Currencies!

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This is a theme today, it would seem. Just as I wrote earlier about killing the News Roundup here due to low performance, I am now killing off another of my sites, 3Currencies.

This is a bit of shock to my system. I love 3Currencies, it is just not a performing site. As a matter of fact, for all the effort I put into the site, it gets just 1% of the traffic of the podcast and the blog here.

That sucks.

But, we must adapt. Doing something that is not working is not a very good plan.

I tried to make 3Currencies work. I have updated and relaunched the site 3 times, each with no success. I even partnered up with a content provider, then had to break off that partnership.

The thing is, I chose a hard niche. Well, it is so popular it is hard to call it a niche. I chose to build the site around online marketing. It was doomed from the start.

So why do I say, “Long Live 3Currencies,” then?

I am shifting the 3 currencies to a better niche, one that I know better than most. New Media production!

The three currencies will be from now on, Audio, Video, and Words!

I will give pointers, how-to’s, equipment reviews, tutorials, and more on how to produce great online media. As I said above, I do know a little about that stuff 😉

Well, if you want in on any of the freebies I was offering up over there, get them now, as next week the new 3Currencies will be launched.

Yes, 3Currencies is very dead, Long Live 3Currencies!



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