Daily News Roundup for May 2nd, 2008

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Here are some of the interesting things I came across in the News feed this Morning.



From Aversion Rock–Punk–Indie

Hold Steady Kicks Out More Positive Jams

Video–Tim Fite

Albert Hammond Jr. Reveals Sophmore Album

Swervedriver Takes Reunion on Road

Pete Doherty Gets Out of Jail Early

New Order Readies Live DVD


From Angry Ape

Dirty Pretty Things–This is Where the Truth Begins Album Details

The Cure to Release a New Single Every Month


From Blabbermouth

Life of Agony: More Europen Tour Dates Announced

Detonation Parts Ways With Drummer Thomas Kalksma

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Convicted of Drunk Driving

Ok, I have to comment on this one. First off, don’t drive drunk! Second, is there any way we can tag on a conviction for being a horrible musician? I mean, give the man the electric chair for what Nickelback has done to the music industry. Actually, thinking of how god awful his music is, and it is putrid, helps me to understand why he drinks. Nobody can handle sucking that bad for as long as he has.

Yeah, I hate Nickelback.

Really, I do.

Cinderella: First North American Tour Dates Announced

UK’s Damnation Festival Moves To University of Leeds

New Boston Singer Taking Time Off From Working At Home Depot To Tour With Band
Speaking of Cinderella, This story is definately a Cinderella story. This guy is living the life now!

Testament Schedules New Jersey In-Store


From AWN

LEGO Indiana Jones Site Goes Live

Digital-Tutors Realease Guide to Animating Characters in Maya

There you have it. A bit of news from the feed this morning.

Man, thanks god it’s Friday, which makes tomorrow Saturday if I am not mistaken. If i am actually mistaken, please send a correction, but be nice.

I have to say that Lindsay Lohan has at least one fan. I know this as I got a piece of hate mail after yesterday’s post on her new album.

Well, let me answer this fan right here. It looks like we have not only found one true Lindsay Lohan fan, a find that equals the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb, but we have also proven there is at least one more certifiable moron in this world.

Thanks for the proof, K.

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