Here is the News round up for May 8th. (A bit more meat than yesterday)

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Let’s kick it off, shall we? I proved to be a bit of a fortune teller yesterday in my comments about good ole Pete Dougherty. Well, not so much as he has nothing to do with the Winehouse story today, but I did link them yesterday.

Yes, I accept all victories, even the small, insignificant, and stupid. 😉

Let’s go, CHAKUKALAKA!!!!!!!

(I do love that battle cry more and more)



Amy Winehouse Arrested for Drugs

See my comments yesterday about Pete. Well, all except for the talent part. I am no fan of Winehouse.

Lit Drummer Suffers Brain Tumor

That is sad. I only wish all the best from here at RfL. Recover fast. I hope it is not too bad.

Beck’s Danger Mouse produced Album Coming

Keep an eye out for this one. Stealth release. And It could be great!

Beck is unique and talented, and with Danger Mouse producing, well, wow.



Bullet For My Valentine Members Discuss Rob Zombie Beef

I love this story. Young punks trying to show how much cred and integrity they have, not even realizing that they are biting the hand that feeds them.

Really, the headliner always sets the tone of the tour. Supporting acts are just that, supporting. You do what you are told and pay your dues to get the exposure. It is that simple.

Rob was totally right to kick the ungrateful shits off the tour. They may get more opportunities, yes, but you have to wonder how many they will miss due to their behavior. Nobody wants to deal with ungrateful drama queens.

Good job guys. Freakin idiots.

Def Leppard to Tour australia in November?

If you are down under, keep tabs on this.

Dave Mustaine: If I Don’t Like you, It’s Hard For Me Not to Say something

Some more Dave bluntness, but as the guy gets older, he makes more sense. I would trust him a lot more than the guys in Metalica. For sure on that one.

Blackmore’s Night To Release Secret Voyage In June

I really like Ritchie Blackmore. Not only did he lay down some of the best guitar in rock history–I mean “The” riff–but he knew when to call it a day.

In that way, he reminds me of another idol, John Elway.

He did the Perfect Strangers Album in 1985, and it rocked. He stayed around for a few more years after that, but the music and the band were not the same, so he chucked it and went in a direction he felt like exploring rather than stay with the dying beast of Deep Purple.

Blackmore’s Night is a great band, and you can just tell Ritchie is loving every minute of it.

It is not commercial, really, it is just a labor of love. Get the new album. Do it, I say!

As for Deep Purple, have the class of Blackmore and call it a day. You don’t have the same appeal with Steve Morse. Why don’t you just do like The Who, The Stones, and other formerly great bands and just hit the road every now and then for the fans. Why the facade of still being a relevant band?

Hell, in a recent interview, Paul Stanley even admits what the fans want, the nostalgia, not the image of a still creative KISS. And if a member of KISS can admit that, well, you get my point.

Go Ritchie!

Gene Simmons’ Return Appearance on Ugly Betty Scheduled For Next Week.

And speaking of KISS…

Well, I put this in for Faith, she loves Ugly Betty. Actually, she got me into it as well. It is a cool show, and the Gene Simmons story line is funny as hell.

I can’t wait to see the direction it goes.



Sub Pop’s SP20 Gets The Vaselines, Les Thugs, Eric’s Trip

The SP20 festival, celebrating 20 years of Sub Pop, sounds like a great bash!

Juliana Hatfield Album Release Date Pushed Back

Juliana Hatfield, some more old school goodness still going. Get the new disk, How To Walk Away, on august 19th.


There it is, the round up for May 8th.

Everyone out there, go kick ass today!



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