It is the RfL News Round up for May 6, Baby!

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Here we go, weeeeeee!

OK, that was stupid. Let’s try again, shall we?

Here we go, CHAKUKALAKA!!!!!

Alright, even I don’t know where I was going with that. But chakukalaka has a ring to it.

Here is some news for you.

From Angry Ape

Earth to The Dandy Warhols Album Details Revealed

First they start their own record label, then an album. But Mark Knopfler and Mike Cambell, that is diferent.

The Offspring Unveil Rise And Fall, Rage and Grace Album Details

Not much to say here, only that the Offspring put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen. Really. It was at the Woodlands Pavillion in The Woodlands, Texas. I just hope the album doesn’t suck.

Nine Inch Nails Release The Slips Free Download Album

Trent Reznor is going from the default definition of creative angst to being the default definition of audio value. Hey, get downloading!

From Blabbermouth

Robert Plant, Alison Krauss: Footage From New Orleans Jazz Festival Posted Online

I still want Zepplin to tour, Damn it!

Vince Neil’s 12th Annual “Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament”

I normally bust on Vince, but not now. No parent should ever have to bury their children. On this topic, my heart hurts for the man.

Wednesday 13 is Thankful to Have Secured HOT TOPIC Deal for Skeletons CD

That is cool for him, but really. The album is only available in Hot Topic? and then only 90% of the store stock it? Dude, come in from the cold and embrace the indie scene and go Podsafe, your career may depend on it. Hot Topic is no Starbucks, and even Starbucks is abandoning the music stuff.

Lacuna Coil’s Scabbia: We Are Putting Together the Best Album of Our Career

OK, I popped a chubby. Not for Lacuna Coil, just for Scabbia. She is so freakin HOT! Truth is, I would listen to her yodel, as long as I could watch as well. I do look forward to the new Lacuna Coil though. I hope they go back towards their “Comalies” sound though. The last CD did not seem as good to me.

From Spacelab

Peter Gabriel’s Web site Has Been Stolen!

Not even online, it was physically stolen! I have been warning Pete to watch out but he never listened. It was that freakin monkey he shocked back in the eighties coming back for revenge. He should have shocked a penguin instead, easier to catch. Just ask Billy Madison. Oh wait, he never caught the penguin, did he? My bad.

Tom Waits Announces Summer Tour Dates, Holds Awkward News Conference

Imagine that, an awkward news conference. Maybe he just needed to clear his throat, a couple of hundred times. While looking to the night sky at that.

From AWN

Schedule Looks Super For Marvel

More Iron Man, OK. Captain America, then the avengers, OK. Thor, mega OK! The Incredible Hulk, hopefully better than the first, OK. But, Ant Man! WTF!

Aniboom Partners With Six Mobile Distributors, Five Online Video Platforms

More animation! Hell, I already had it with Sprint though.
Well, there you have it. Another day of news. Plus a new word, or “not” word, chakukalaka.



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