It’s Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #355: The Wednesday Coffee House, But on a Thursday

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We are all kinds of backwards today. It is the Wednesday Coffee House show, the long lost Wednesday Coffee House show, but on a Thursday.

Yeah, we are confused too.

For some reason I am more than normally aggravated at SJ today as well.

See, action packed show on the day of smooth tunes. Really backwards.

We have some good news, which we talk about in the episode. On Monday, I am recording a phone interview with Chris Juergensen! Not only that, but I am recording this with our bud from Mevio–formerly Podshow–Radio, Brent Bradley! That should be great.

Also, we talk about the return of Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures in fifteen days to start season two. I am a bit stoked about that.

Oh yeah, we also have great tunes today.

Music on the show

Karmyn Tyler- Forbidden Love

Cheryl B. Engelhardt–Proof–Hard To Come By

Carla Lynne Hall–Lucy Ethel

Eddie Ramirez-A Box

Dafni-Send My Love


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  1. […] Yep, another episode of Reaching for Lucidity 2.0, #355 at that, is up at the RfL 2.0 site. […]

  2. Thank you Eban for playing Forbidden Love. You and SJ are so sweet! I have been in Texas visiting parents and family but back in LA catching up on podcasts. Looking forward to the interview with you and Brent and Curt. He is a very talented musician! That will be kewl!!!

  3. Hey Karmyn!

    Love the song, but you know that. Hope you enjoy the interview with Chris. Brent and I had a blast doing it.


  4. Thanks so much for including “Lucy & Ethel”! I wish you all the best, Eban!


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